What Is PK in Betting

In sports betting, PK stands for “pick” or “pick em” — a situation in which there is an even money wager in the point spread. Basically, this is a situation where there are no favorites or underdogs. So when two teams, or two athletes, have the same chances of winning, you can place your PK bet. These types of wagers offer you insurance in case of a draw. If a game or a match with an even money bet in a point spread ends up in a draw, bettors get the money they’ve wagered back.

These situations allow you to place a straight bet, as well as various types of proposition bets. If you decide to place a Straight PK bet, you need to follow one simple rule — pick’em! In this type of bet, there is no handicapping (that’s why it’s also called “zero handicaps”). If you bet your money on the team that wins, you get to collect your winnings. If the sports event ends in a draw, you get your money back. However, with Straight PK bets, you need to wager 110%. So you need to place a $110 wager to collect the winnings of $100 if the event doesn’t end in a draw.

Besides placing a straight PK bet, you can bet, for example, on a number of goals in a soccer match. You can bet that a particular player will be the first one to score a goal or that a player will score a goal at any time. Alternately, you can bet that a certain team will score a goal first. So PK situation in sports betting doesn’t limit you to straight PK bets.

Betting and Statistics

If you are new to betting, you might want to consider consulting online sportsbooks before placing your wagers. This way, you can get an idea of how betting works, what rules you need to pay attention to, and how statistics can help you with betting. Many sports bettors base their assessments, predictions, and handicapping on statistics. This approach has shown to be reliable in the long run. Of course, statistics can’t help you predict a winner each and every time, but they can help you to predict a winner in most of the matches (more than 50%) in the long run.

Sport Betting

Let’s take soccer for an example. When you study the statistical data for long periods of time, you see that some outcomes are simply more frequent than others and that certain events always have a higher probability of occurrence than the rest. Even though none of this can help you predict the outcome of every game, it can assist you in establishing some betting strategy. Anyhow, as a sports bettor, you don’t need to predict every outcome and every point. That shouldn’t be your goal. What you do need is to predict more than half of the results in a longer period of time. This is considered to be a successful betting score, and this is what you should strive towards. Also, this is the reason why sports bettors love statistics — it helps them get the bigger picture and be successful with more than 50% of their bets.

So if you wish to bet on the games that don’t have a favorite or an underdog team (PK bets), you can get statistics on your side and bet on single, particular events happening during a game. Also, some statistical data can help you predict the winner, but even if you fail, you don’t risk your money as you would with other straight bets.

League Betting

Zero handicap betting can be an excellent opportunity to secure your overall betting score in handicap league betting. So if you bet on the performance of a team in a league, zero handicap situations can come up each time the team you are betting on has already secured its position and is only going for extra points and not necessarily the victory. If you like to bet on soccer league games, you are probably familiar with situations in which a team doesn’t want to risk their position by chasing a win. Sometimes a draw is all one team needs to keep their wanted position in the league. In leagues, if one team is better by a large margin, it doesn’t mean that it will dominate the field and risk its position if it doesn’t need to do that. In these situations, you get a chance to use your smart handicapping strategy and turn the odds in your favor. After all, soccer is about smart, well-thought-out strategies, and not a spectacle at any cost.

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